These small little baby tree paintings have a unique twist to them, there is an underlining message of pride for different identities within the queer community. They are abstract enough that to you these hold a wonderful meaning, but to the general public it is a pretty painting. And that they are! You don't need to be queer to feel connected to one of these.


The product I sell, is a display of my colorful and playful self, from my cute miniature tree paintings inspired by many different LGBTQ flags to many size options of prints of my original paintings. I also sell greeting cards and magnets of my paintings. I like to play with mixed media art from; acrylic or oil on canvas, clothing, metalwork, and photography. My artwork I sell has the underlining of my personal life’s journey and struggles. The artwork also has a drive to bring light to the LGBTQ community, especially the trans/nonbinary/gnc community. 



Baby Tree Paintings

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