Come and grab one of these, one of a kind limited edition 50 total made paintings.


The power of art meets the strength of community.


Getting sick can be unpleasant, at best. As the world has learned, getting sick from COVID-19 is much scarier than a normal sickness. For hospitalized COVID-19 patients, the experience is also incredibly isolating. In an effort to minimize the loneliness while patients recover, people from all over the world have created artwork to show patients that we care, and we are thinking of them. To view more #GetWellWorld art, go to


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organization to pay back what was spent for putting this together.*


You Will Rise Project


The mission of the You Will Rise Project is to provide a multimedia showcase for people of all ages who have been bullied to share their stories through the arts. By giving visitors the opportunity to view these creative works, we hope to educate, instill pride, generate positive feedback, and provide online resources – all for the purposes of supporting, inspiring creative productivity, fostering respec

t for cultural and sexual diversity, and improving the quality of life for those who have been or are currently being bullied.


About the Artist


Briden Cole Schueren, and his artistic exploration began in the rural Pennsylvanian town of Cook Forest, with his grandmother Norma, a painter. From his grandmother, he learned to convey complex emotions through deliberate brushstrokes and color usage. As a child, Briden struggled with a learning disability, resulting in his struggle to connect and socialize with other children. Seemingly, these early adversities are his source of strength, as Briden says,


 “I am a very tactical person, and as a kid, making art, by exploring textures and media allowed me to express my emotions and connect with others.”


Being born a female-bodied person, the challenges, obstacles, and personal reformations have been abundant, leading to the happy person he is today. Often he credits,


“my ability to create and explore through art as a practice, has saved my life.”


This has lead to him finding his purpose in life, to create. Briden sees his work as having the power to help others in a similar way.


For more information you can find Briden at: or follow him on instagram @briden_schueren


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