I know not everyone is able to purchase a large scale print. I want to still give you the opportunity to give to this cause. We need as many people contributing to this issue as we possibly can. 


This will be a special post card, that will not only be hand signed but I will personally sign a special message to each of you that purchases a postcard. OR if you have someone in mind that you would like for me to write a special message to, please let me know their name, story and an address I may mail this to. You may also just buy a blank postcard incase you want to sign your own message to someone specia. 


Why am I doing this? After posting this image and getting such a amazing response from people, in supporting this cause I felt the need to do more. 


20% of proceeds will be donated to Trans Lifeline. These will be individually signed and numbered for originality. You will also receive a certification of authenticity and a my story.


I have been, like many of my brothers and sisters saddened by what has been happening in this country lately, and how the Trans community is being treated. I created this originally for an art show against hate, due to my own experiences. 


Since the recent decisions that have been made in house, I am wanting to do something about it and take a stand.




I am a trans individual, and I went through school from elementary to college being physically, emotionally, and verbally attacked in BOTH the women’s and men's restrooms.  I have been "transitioning" for the better of 10 years. I am JUST NOW finally coming into my true form and feeling comfortable with myself as a man. I finally broke down and came out to my parents when I was 18. After pushing these thoughts away since I was 6 years old, I just could not take it anymore. So the past 10 plus years is the part we need to protect!




It is about a male identifying person in a quandary between WHICH restroom to use. Even as an adult, I have PTSD for using a restroom. Do you have any idea what that does to someone emotionally, especially if there is a need to use the restroom multiple times a day?


Imagine living your days like this…


Here is a woman, with small stubble facial hair because she cannot afford the expensive trips for electrolysis (approximately $60/hr., and needing ~80 hours, so ~$5,000), who has a dress on and heels, and some makeup; but the concept of makeup is so new to her that it might not look right? In this situation she is already so afraid and so vulnerable, possibly even suicidal. She just wants to feel comfortable in the restroom she believes she belongs in.


Or MYSELF, for the countless of times I, with my acne covered face, showing a bad patchy stubble of hair on my chin, my voice is still kind of high, and I am just a skinny small "man," walking into a men’s restroom, because I am telling myself that, if I want to go through with this -- to prove to my family-- that I am not "just trying to get attention," then I need to go into the “men’s” restroom.
But I don't really "look" like a “man.”

At first I just started to illegally take black-market T because that is all I could get my hands on at that time with no insurance coverage.

THOSE are the scariest times, the hardest times, the push-me-over-the-edge “what is the point of living?!” times.
Men would follow me onto the individual stalls asking me who I am, where do I belong, why am I here, what's in my pants, telling me I don't have anything hanging between my legs so why am I thinking that I'm a man...
THAT is why we NEED to protect the trans youth! For ALL ages of grade school and higher where individuals are afraid and lost, we need to support them ALL!


According to Williams Institute of Law: the suicide rate is between 50-78% for trans individuals during the years comprised of elementary school through college.
The suicide rate for trans youth will go up, and here is the reason:
By adding shame to the basic need to pee. Now trans individuals have to fear even more just to do that! It’s not like we already have so much going on through our minds, that our body does not match our mind. What the fuck! We just need to pee! I don’t get it!


When someone in the trans community is exploring the idea that they CAN be happy with the gender they experience is fitting to them, THAT is when they are the most vulnerable. THAT is when they need the most protection. Again For ALL ages of grade school and higher where individuals are afraid and lost, we need to protect them ALL!




It makes me shake and tear up thinking about all of this. But my experiences as well as these statistics are true, and we need to stand up! I encourage you with every fiber of my being to look with the eyes of compassion and not judgment on those walking this path.  The senseless harm caused to other human beings is so unnecessary. Words can hurt or heal and I ask that you stand and speak up for kindness. Remember we have been around for decades, trans individuals is not a new thing, so why all of a sudden you think we are rapists?


Oh and do not worry, my family is the biggest support system of my life, some people do not get this, and I am fortunate and lucky.


Thank you

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