Briden Cole Schueren

That Guy's Art LLC

Briden Cole Schueren, his artistic exploration began in the rural Pennsylvanian town of Cook Forest, with his grandmother Norma, a painter. From his grandmother, he learned to convey complex emotions through deliberate brushstrokes and color usage.


As a child, Briden struggled with a learning disability, resulting in his struggle to connect and socialize with other children. Seemingly, these early adversities are his source of strength, as Briden says,


 “I am a very tactical person, and as a kid, making art, by exploring textures and media allowed me to express my emotions and connect with others.”


This broad body of work boasts both unique textures and mixed media used across the entire collection. The usage of texture entices the audiences urge to feel his process with their fingertips “Creating art is very therapeutic for me. I want people to feel the texture of my art, as if they were there during the creation, dragging their fingertips across the surface to feel every movement I made.”

There is a strong belief in this artist, that all artists can and should explore different ways of making art:


“If you are creative-minded there should be no medium of art you cannot master—if you put your mind to it and work hard at it.”

Being born a female-bodied person, the challenges, obstacles, and personal reformations have been abundant, leading to the happy person he is today. Often he credits, “my ability to create and explore through art as a practice, has saved my life.” This has lead to him finding his purpose in life, to create. Briden sees his work as having the power to help others in a similar way.


“I share my art because through this experience my life has been forever changed, and I want to encourage anyone who will listen, to find their creative facet in life for themselves, to find what allows them to express their truth, as art has changed my life for the better.”

“A true artist is someone that does not bound themselves with one style of art, or adheres to the rules for what art is supposed to be. Instead they look at any creative opportunity as a spark of inspiration to think outside of the box and create something new and learn something new. If you want to learn how to weld to build a large metal sculpture, there is nothing stopping you.”

"If I did not have the ability to create in my life, I am not sure where I would be now. Art has helped me in so many ways, it has saved my life and that is why I want to share it with others."

"Have no fear of 
perfection, you will
never reach it."